I can't print my tickets?

Go to Sign In at www.seeitfirst.net and go to, my account, view my tickets to reprint at your convenience. Alternatively there will get another opportunity to print the tickets when you receive the confirmation email the day before the screening. If you still experience problems please contact:HELP@seeitfirst.net

I haven't heard from you for some time

Firstly, please edit your details to ensure they are up to date. If you have entered the wrong email address for example, you will not be receiving emails from us!

For some films we have a higher volume of tickets to offer our members, and for other events there is only a limited quantity available. Sometimes we are offering seats to a third-party promoter. Either way we offer as many as possible to our members.

Don’t miss offers

Tip: Add  administrator@seeitfirst.net to your email address book to ensure you get email offers and online help.

What type of identification do I need?

An ID card with your photograph or driver's license.

I am interested in joining SeeItFirst - can you tell me the cost?

Membership to SeeItFirst is free of charge!

Why is this film not showing in my area?

An ID card with your photograph or driver's license.

How can I change my details?

If any of your details change, please  click here to amend.

Can I bring a camera or other electronic devices into the screening?

We advise that you leave your camera or other recording equipment and electronic devices, including mobile phones, in a safe place in your car or at home. If the studio has retained anti-piracy staff, a reputable security company would be at each screening and they could hold your device/equipment during the film as well. The limitations vary by event and will be clearly outlined on your screening confirmation. Please check your pass for details.